Message from CEO


Nippon Logistech Corporation

President and CEO

Shogo Kurokawa

Business environment surrounding Japan's logistics industry has not shown the sign of upturn as yet. Not only in the years after the burst of the economic bubble but even in the new millennium, domestic logistics business has been in the doldrums except for sporadic recoveries that lasted only briefly. Worse still, the Japanese economy on the whole long plagued by the global economic unrest since Lehman's fall in 2007 has been further hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Even for us domestic, urban-oriented logistics company, there is no way out of these drastic changes of world economies and the effects of natural disasters. In addition, it is very much feared that the Japanese market, especially our logistics market, would be shrinking in the long run on account of massive public debt and accelerating population decline.

However, no matter how long the recession is prolonged and how drastic the business world is changing, it is our mission to keep providing the customer with the highest-quality logistics services.

In 2007 we delisted our stock from NASDAQ to become resilient and quick in making major corporate changes boldly and speedily. Thanks to this move, we the company focusing its operation on customer-first policy are now capable to build an efficient and sustainable supply chain system for the customer more smoothly and more cost-effectively than before. Moreover, we have succeeded in realizing higher logistics efficiency through constant upsizing of the facilities.

In the field of information technology where we have always been proactive with a hope of becoming the leading company in logistic IT system, we have made substantial investment over the years and developed the computer system that can cope well with new logistic trends such as SCM and 3PL.?

Since the beginning of 2010's, the world economy has been shifting its focus of the attention more and more from developed countries to emerging countries.

Surrounding Asian countries led by China have been showing rapid economic expansion. It should be a great business challenge as to how we take in this expansion in our business strategy and operation.

So in 2010 we branched out in Shanghai, China. In 2012 new logistic facilities will be completed there with a warehouse of 34,000 sq. m. floor space in 33,300 sq. m. of land. With the new facilities as a strong foothold, a long-term business development plan is in the making with the view to steadily establish business infrastructure in the Chinese logistics market.

In order to offer safer, securer and more reliable logistic services inside and outside Japan in future years, we will continue, with “Creative Logistics Innovation” as our motto, to boost and improve our services to the customer even in the era of economic upheavals and extreme hardship like the great earthquake. Needless to say, we will uninterruptedly keep at realizing more growth of the corporation and further development of the business.

We much appreciate your unwavering faith in our superior logistics services and hope you witness our new business development and expansion in the years to come.

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