Corporate history

October, 1959

Established as Kanda Unyu Conpo Company Limited in the business of packaging and freight agent

September, 1962

Renamed to Kanda Unyu Soko Company Limited with warehousing as the primary business

November, 1964

Formed business ties with Toyo Unso Company Limited(predecessor of Hikari Line), a holder of common carrier permission

March, 1968

Obtained permission to issue warehouse certificates

September, 1987

Bought out former Hikari Lines Corporation and embarked on concurrent operation of general trucking business

April, 1989

Changed corporate name to Nippon Logistech Corporation

June, 1990

Founded 100% subsidiary Hikari Lines Corporation in Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo, with general trucking business as its main aim

November, 1990

Licensed to practice forwarding business

January, 1991

Set up a bonded shed (now bonded storage) in Tatsumi Branch (now Tatsumi Logistics Center) and embarked on customs-related business

April, 1991

Transferred general trucking business to wholly-owned subsidiary Hikari Lines Corporation aiming at better business efficiency

June, 1991

Embarked on trunk room storage business at Tatsumi Branch(now Tatsumi Logistics Center) and Ichikawa Branch (now Ichikawa Warehouse)

February, 1997

Listed stock on the JASDAQ

July, 1999

Obtained ISO9002 QMS certification(Renewed in 2002 according to ISO9001)

July, 2006

Obtained ISO27001 ISMS certification

March, 2007

Commenced customs clearance operation at Wakasu Logistics Center under Tokyo Customs’ jurisdiction

January, 2008

Delisted stock from the JASDAQ

March, 2009

Reorganized Hikari Lines Corporation into Nippon Logistech Support Corporation

October, 2009

50th anniversary

April, 2011

Obtained license to engage in labeling, packaging and temporary storage of medical device, cosmetics and quasi drug

September, 2012

Kicked off warehousing operation in Shanghai, PRC

February, 2014

Acquired I.F.S. Corporation and embarked on international freight forwarding business

May, 2014

Established Nippon Logistech(Hong Kong) Corporation in Hong Kong

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