Our environmental commitment

We Nippon Logistech have always regarded it as one of the fundamental tasks for us to be ever thoughtful of environment and conduct eco-friendly business.

Well before entering the 21st century, the century of environment, we started fostering an appropriate working environment with emphasis on the relation between logistic business and natural surroundings in which every single person working within Nippon Logistech group takes good care of the environment while eliminating waste and pollution, and addresses the issues of resource saving, nature conservation and environmental practice in his or her day-to-day work.

Nowadays, we recognize again that we are living in the era where, with accelerating global warming and worsening air pollution coupled with the rapid changes in geographic demands for resources and energy as background factors, due consideration for the balance between business and environment is called for more than ever. Based on this recognition, Nippon Logistech as a group has stepped up its approach to environmental issues and been making comprehensive efforts to promote, on top of individual activities rooted to his or her consciousness as a member of Nippon Logistech as well as local and global community, an extensive environmental management program, green logistics integral with transportation department and awareness-raising activities through environmental education.

Resource saving


  • Reuse of packing materials and promotion of reusable materials
  • Thorough implementation of “Warm Biz” and “Cool Biz
  • Electricity conservation e.g. lights-out and temperature setting
  • Introduction of energy-saving equipment like LED light bulbs
  • Promotion of effective use of resources and reduction of environmental loads through 4S activity

Nature conservation


  • Greening of warehouse premises
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide and toxic exhaust through modal shift, energy-conscious driving and introduction of low-emission vehicles

Environmental practice


  • Promotion of Environmental Management System and Green Operation
  • Participation to environmental preservation activities within/outside company
  • Compliance with relevant laws and codes, municipal regulations and industry rules
  • Tracking contents and volume of wastes and pertinent disposal fee
  • “Clean Day” practice, a routine all-out sweeping of warehouses


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