Bring about a prosperous future through creation of new, innovative logistics solutions



  • Warehousing & Distribution Services

    Realize practical logistic solutions through our unique and creative “LOGISTECH” approach.

  • Document Storage

    Provide secure and efficient offsite document storage services for your ever-increasing document.

  • Import / Export Services

    Support your global logistics strategyin the world market.

  • Delivery Services

    Offer efficient and cost-effective distribution services hand in hand with Hikari Lines, a division of our fully-owned subsidiary Nippon Logistech Support Corporation.

  • IT Services

    Support your logistics management from computerized clerical services to information processing.

  • Operational Improvement Support

    Answer your needs for the improvementof operational efficiency.

  • Real Estate Agency Business

    Assist you in transactions, brokerage and lease of real-estate.