Import / Export Services

We remove from our customers the burden of going through complex and
time-consuming procedures of import and export.

Our inbound and outbound clearance service of goods and documentation helps the customer to remove the burden of going through complex and time-consuming procedures of import and export, and, since we obtained authorization for custom-house broker in 2001, we have proved ourselves significant assistance to the customers engaged in export and import.

As the volume of distribution grows more and more in both domestic and overseas market in keeping with the coming of new business models like e-commerce, our registered customs specialists with extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience are always there to assist the customer, making every effort to fill the needs in import and/or export aspects of their business.

Customs Clearing

We have a license to perform customs clearing services under the jurisdiction of Tokyo Customs. Through association with the partner companies in addition to our own customs specialists, we are prepared to provide in any part of Japan prompt and punctual services for both air and ocean transport.

Freight forwarding

Our 100% subsidiary, I.F.S. Corporation, has a long history and wide experience in international freight forwarding business. With its extensive network of agents all over the world, I.F.S. arranges international freight transportation by whichever mode best suited to the customer’s needs without regard to the destination or shipping place of the cargo.

Bonded Areas

We have bonded areas available at our facilities in Tatsumi and Wakasu under the jurisdiction of Tokyo Customs, where customers can store their uncustomed cargo and perform a variety of tasks such as quality inspection and analytical work.


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